Hello world!

or did I mean Word

In the boundless cyberspace so vast,
“Hello World,” a website spoke, aghast,
A realm of nothingness, it bore,
“Or Did I Mean Word?” – a cynical lore.

Within its gates, no treasures lay,
No wisdom’s flame to light the way,
Infinite whitespace, empty haze,
A barren crypt, where thoughts would graze.

No captivating narratives to share,
No artistry or brilliance rare,
A desert vast, devoid of dreams,
Where naught but hollow echoes teem.

And as the yearning hearts did seek,
They found the silence, cold and bleak,
“Hello World,” it mocked their quest,
With cynic’s grin, it did protest.

In this digital domain’s embrace,
A haunting truth, a bitter taste,
Not all that glimmers holds allure,
For some are realms of naught but pure.

Yet in this void, a tale we find,
“Or Did I Mean Word?” whispers in the mind,
A fable of the human plight,
In nothingness, we seek insight.

A testament to choices grand,
In cyberspace, the shifting sand,
Amidst the vastness, tales untold,
Where cynicism takes its hold.

So wanderers of this realm beware,
“Hello World” may taunt and stare,
“Or Did I Mean Word?” – a paradox to see,
Where even nothing holds decree.

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